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How is your jewelry made? 

Every piece is created by hand fabrication or lost-wax casting, a process that dates back thousands of years. All stones are hand-cut unless reclaimed or repurposed. These processes create the highest quality, and most durable pieces.  


What are the stones you use? 

We only use reclaimed and responsibly sourced stones. To learn more about our materials, click here


Where do you get cool materials like fossilized woolly mammoth ivory & dinosaur bone? 

Like all of our sourcing, we get our materials within the United States. The fossilized woolly mammoth ivory comes from Alaska, a place where woolly mammoths were once plentiful before extinction and our dinosaur bone is sourced from the western region of the United States. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we recently added an international shipping option to all orders. Please contact us if you need your shipping expedited or we don't offer your country in our check out. 


Do you make custom jewelry? 

Yes! We love making custom creations and working with you to create a piece that you love. 

To fill out a custom request, click here


Why are all of your metals recycled? Is there a difference? 

At L. SHOFF, we believe in using what is already available. Because of this, we use no newly mined materials. To learn more about our materials, click here